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Carbon Footprint Measurement in Air, Soil and Water

MFET uses the power of blockchain technology in all the projects it develops.


Discover our projects to become a voluntary carbon measurement standard in carbon footprint measurement



With Balance you can calculate your carbon footprint according to voluntary carbon standards. We inform you about what you need to do to reduce or even eliminate this footprint.



In MFET's project called Journey, it offers you the adventure of food that you can follow from seed to your table. We record the journey of an olive until it becomes olive oil on a blockchain.


Paulownia Forests

As MFET, we created two forests in Saruhanlı district of Manisa from Paulownia trees, which are highly efficient in terms of oxygen and reduce carbon footprint 10 times more than other trees.



Only MFET can be invested through Vault. Users can buy MFET with BNB or BUSD in their wallets. The MFET purchase process takes place on PancakeSwap. Vault is an important innovation and development in the DeFi field.



With Stake, another project developed by MFET in the Defi field, carbon footprints are reduced if users keep their MFETs locked in their wallets for a certain period of time.



As the MFET family, we have created games to draw attention to the carbon footprint and raise awareness on this issue. In our games; you can collect tokens by walking, live in space in a future time and transform the seeds you collect.



Multifunctional Environmental Token (MFET)

Your carbon footprint is reduced when you have MFET's in your crypto asset wallet.

Blockchain carbon footprint is a high technology and MFET is making tree investments to reset the carbon footprint it has produced while using this technology, and MFET users benefit from these investments.

MFET smart contract runs on BSC network in BEP20 standard. Stake, Vault, Lock, Claim contracts with MFET have made great contributions to the ecosystem. It also continues to contribute to blockchain technologies by publishing MFET projects on many other blockchain networks.

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