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We collaborated with GIOev, which works in the field of renewable energy generation and e-mobility technologies and has achieved very successful works in its field.

GIOev was established in 2022 to combine a power generation model for solar power plants with a model for powering electric vehicles in the context of renewable energy, where global energy production is developing rapidly.

Famous footballer Wesley Sneijder came to examine our projects as our environmental ambassador.

Wesley Sneijder measured his carbon footprint with Balance. He neutralised carbon emissions by planting trees in our Paulownia forests in Saruhanlı district of Manisa.

As the MFET family, we created two forests consisting of the “Paulownia Tree”.

MFET has created the 'Paulownia Forests Project' with various aspirations such as reducing carbon emissions and realizing a green, dynamic cycle in the industry. Within the scope of this project, two 'Paulownia Tree Forests' were created in Saruhanlı district of Manisa.

We created our game called “Token Go”, which can be earned by walking.

“Token Go” is a game where game tokens can be collected online on the map while walking. NFT avatars can be selected on Token Go. There are 5 different themes in the game with animal, ocean, tree, soil, air tokens.

We stopped the use of plastic bags in our office and switched to the use of sustainable “Cloth Bags”.

We have started to use cloth bags in our office with our application that we started within the scope of the 3rd of July Plastic Free Day”. Thus, we exempted our office from the carbon footprint that comes with disposable plastic bags.

We made NFT agreements with “Ajda Pekkan”.

As a result of the agreement we made with superstar Ajda Pekkan, we created a unique NFT series.

We presented the specially created “NFT Series”

We created NFTs to raise awareness and commemorate special days. We shared some of these NFTs with our audience through airdrops. If you want to see our NFTs, check out OpenSea.

Boğaziçi Informatics Awards 'Best Blockchain Based Initiative' Category Candidate MFET

As MFET, we base everything we do on nature, science and technology. We were very proud to be nominated in the 'Best Blockchain-Based Initiative' category.

We created the 'Watcher', where technical information about the MFET is updated every three hours.

With the Watcher site offered by MFET, you can access many quantitative data such as Holders, Pancake Total and Transactions. Watcher data, which is updated every three hours during the day, is offered to you in a completely transparent way.

We presented our website called “Balance” where you can calculate your carbon footprint.

Thanks to Balance, individuals and companies can calculate their carbon footprint in 15 questions. Through this project, MFET wants to mobilize the masses by raising awareness about the carbon footprint problem.

We became the official sponsor of the “Turkish Triathlon Federation”, which includes carbon-free sports branches.

As the official sponsor of the Turkish Triathlon Team, which includes carbon-free sports, we supported our national athletes in the race in Germany.

'Gültigin Er', one of our sponsored athletes, finished second in the Elites category in the Balkan Championship.

Our athlete Gültigin Er finished second in the Elites category at the Balkan Championship held in Zagreb, Croatia. For the first time in the history of Turkey, a Turkish athlete advanced to number 268 in the world rankings.

We became the Gold Sponsor of 'Let's Do It Turkey', which is a part of the movement to clean up the world's environment.

We joined the cleaning movement together with Let's Do It Turkey on September 17, Clean Up the Environment Day. In this event, which took place with the participation of people from 191 countries in total, tons of waste garbage was collected.

We funded our audience by organizing “Airdrops” with our tokens.

We distributed MFET tokens to our audience with many airdrops that we regularly carry out on our social media accounts.

We collaborated with clubs and influencers created by university students.

While realizing our projects, we made progress with university student clubs and valuable influencers

We presented "Vault", an important project in the field of DeFi, to our users.

Investment can be made with MFET via Vault. Users can buy MFET with BNB or BUSD in their wallets. The MFET purchase process takes place on PancakeSwap.

We reduce the carbon footprint of our users with "Stake".

With "Stake", if users keep their MFETs locked in their wallets for a certain period of time, their carbon footprint is reduced. The basis of this system is our "Industrial Paulownia (Kiri) Forests".

We have been nominated in the "Best Blockchain-Based Initiative" category at the Bosphorus Informatics Awards.

As MFET, we base everything we do on nature, science and technology. We were very proud to be nominated in the "Best Blockchain-Based Startup" category.

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