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The MFET measures our carbon footprint in air, soil and water.

Taking action before the carbon footprint becomes one of the most important problems of our age, including individuals and companies from all segments of society in this action is MFET's life goal.

If we want to change a value, we must first measure and then scale the change we will create. MFET is developing projects to measure and reduce our carbon footprint in the air with Balance and on the ground with Journey. All measurements are stored on low-carbon blockchains for use in scientific studies. With the distributed and immutable principle of blockchain technology, it keeps this data secure and access scalable.


Environmental Partners

Yeşil Türkiye
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One of the most important activities to reduce carbon footprint is planting trees.

The Paulownia tree absorbs 10 times more carbon than other trees in total, while releasing 4 times more oxygen into the atmosphere. Thus, it reduces the carbon footprint and greatly alleviates the carbon burden of the atmosphere.

As MFET, we have created a large forest of paulownia trees, which are highly efficient in terms of oxygen, on an area of 200 decares in Saruhanlı district of Manisa. With thousands of paulownia trees that continue to grow within our organization, we are reducing not only our own carbon footprint but also the carbon footprint of many famous actors, phenomena, football players and sports clubs.

Our company targets a significant income from the sale of timber from these industrially planted areas. Our projects and MFET are funded by one of the rarest assets in the universe, the 'Tree'.

Our Plantations

Stay tuned for our latest projects.

Project Saruhanli

6.000 Kiri Tree



Discover our projects to become a voluntary carbon measurement standard in carbon footprint measurement


Carbon footprint measurement

The carbon footprint is a measure of the damage caused by human activity to the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide. Over time, this measure is moving towards an irreversible point.


From soil to table

In the story of the food that comes to your table; you can access fertilization information, field log, spraying information, farmer registration, vegetation, harvest information, soil analysis, facility information, product analysis, irrigation information, carbon water footprint information.


Magic Tree

As MFET, we created paulownia forests in Saruhanlı district of Manisa from paulownia trees, which are highly efficient in terms of oxygen and reduce carbon footprint 10 times more than other trees.


Discover DAO

Only MFET can be invested through Vault. Users can buy MFET with BNB or BUSD in their wallets. The MFET purchase process takes place on PancakeSwap. Vault is an important innovation and development in the DeFi field.


Keep MFET in Your Wallet

With Stake, another project developed by MFET in the Defi field, carbon footprints are reduced if users keep their MFETs locked in their wallets for a certain period of time.


Enjoy WEB3

As the MFET family, we have created games to draw attention to the carbon footprint and raise awareness on this issue. In our games; you can collect tokens by walking, live in space in a future time and transform the seeds you collect.


You are in control of your carbon footprint with our mobile application.

Discover Our Projects

Check out our projects measuring carbon footprint in air, land and water for a sustainable world.

Read Green News

Easily access the news about the environment and cryptocurrencies around the world that we have selected for you.

Measure Your Carbon Footprint

See how big a footprint you are leaving on the world, measure and track your carbon footprint and take action to reduce it.

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Environmental Ambassadors

Meet our environmental ambassadors. We would like to thank all our ambassadors who acted with us to raise awareness.

Wesley Sneijder

Wesley Sneijder

Djibril Cissé

Djibril Cissé

Änis Ben-Hatira

Änis Ben-Hatira

İvana Sert

İvana Sert

Mo Ali

Mo Ali

Dear Partners

For a long time now, our world has been sending us messages about the global climate crisis and the extreme natural phenomena that are an extension of it. Issues such as increasing carbon footprint, pollution and diminishing resources are making the headlines. We put MFET's vision above commercial goals and concerns. The greatest of our concerns is the disruption of the cycle of our world that we thought was unshakable.With MFET, we work for the ideal of a society that uses its resources consciously. We develop projects for an improved urban life. We are proud to be a company that 'measures and reduces the carbon footprint we create in the air, soil and water'.It's inspiring to look back a year ago and see how far we have come. Our primary focus has been from the very beginning: Creating a sustainable life cycle. Therefore, we continue our efforts to shape our industry, to encourage it to be sustainable and to raise environmental awareness. Together, we can create a more livable tomorrow by building the future today.

Best regards.




Multifunctional Environmental Token (MFET)

Your carbon footprint is reduced when you have MFET's in your crypto asset wallet.

Blockchain carbon footprint is a high technology and MFET is making tree investments to reset the carbon footprint it has produced while using this technology, and MFET users benefit from these investments.

MFET smart contract runs on BSC network in BEP20 standard. Stake, Vault, Lock, Claim contracts with MFET have made great contributions to the ecosystem. It also continues to contribute to blockchain technologies by publishing MFET projects on many other blockchain networks.


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